lazy day

This is what i wore today and its one of those days dressing is not a priority.Almost went with my flip flops and pajamas to campus to check on graduation issues.

ooh!its not friday yet God forbid.



student look

last Friday i attended the campus got swag party organized by Jeffery Wilson entĀ  Thks for the invite jeff.

okay so what i wore was effortless after going through my wardrobe and still couldnt decide what to wear so i saw this socks and thought what the hell i will wear them for the night and my newest babies forever 21 platforms.The dress still newish got it from mr price and yeah i love this jacket its so warm and pretty.

with my friends

Tim of dafina fashions

Fashion Nouveau launch shoot

so we decided to start our own styling company which is made up of three bloggers / stylists.maureen,juliana and me.we had our first shoot yesterday and it went well since it was our first it really worked out better than we had expected.we have a bunch of projects we want to work on but we will update you as we proceed.

the models were more than great so here is what the three of us wore i will upload some of the pictures from the shoot here but in the meantime enjoy this ones.



have a fashionable night

Mens fashion

just out of nowhere i really think our Kenyan brothers really need help in dressing its so disappointing when you walk in town and people are dressed like they are going through major dress code issues.Men really need to step out of their comfort zone and dress like they actually have a purpose in this life.Don’t just dress ,dress like an impressive educated man and if you can,t seem to pair your outfits together ask your girlfriend to help you out if you don’t have one ask a sister or your mum or just Google lol!

So here are a few of my favorite mens must have if you do not have any idea where to shop for good stuff for men you can ask me.will give you ideas on where to shop.

  • oxfords-this is my absolute favorite shoe for men
  • moccasins
  • classic loafers
  • deck shoes
  • A pair of nice office wear shoes leather to be precise
  • chinos
  • harem pants
  • nice fitting jeans(dispose your baggy jeans)
  • A scarf(accessory)
  • tuxedo jacket
  • boyfriend jacket
  • half coat
  • fitting t shirts etc

will continue with the list next time for the moment take note of what have said and make a major upgrade for your wardrobe coz some need it so much.

okay a few of the guys are trying or are already doing well with their dressing.maybe i should put up a list of my most well dressed men in Kenya will see about that.

have a very fashion forward day

A day at the park

Randomly decided to go check the park on a boring Sunday afternoon.My shoes are completely made of lace got to thank brands like atmosphere.I love the shoes to death.They are now a favorite in my wardrobe.

have a good Monday fashion people.

xoxoxo Christine Sasha

Running errands+shopping

my outfit for yesterday doing a lot of shopping for clothes for the 18th of march shoot#THE HIGH FASHION SHOOT refer to facebook for all details on the shoot and taking my friends to strut it africa auditions.Accompanied by my fellow stylists juliana and maureen

have a good sunday fashion people .

my friday in pictures

hey fashion last friday had dinner with two of my friends and it was totally awesome who knew the boring friday would turn out to be good at the end .We went to tamambo and later hit the tribe hotel and it was totally awesome Am looking forward to spendingĀ  a weekend at the tribe the view and everythig is amzing not to mention the food and the servise is undisputed.Okay for the worst part i forgot my camera so the pics are kinda dark but you can enjoy the night view in the pics.

a pic of some of the foods we sampled.

me and juliana drinking i was kinda starting to get high lol!just kidding

have a fashionable day people.